Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Links

Inspiring results of one writer's attempts to improve her eating. The most important lesson learned? You're worth it. I definitely agree.

More information about the two new food shows recently announced by ABC. Will you watch The Chew after The View?

Speaking of food TV, does the fact that Rachel Ray makes $18 million make you less likely to buy her brand of EVOO?

Did you know Odwalla was a little eco-business with heart? Turns out they're also owned by Coke. Check out this organic industry infographic for more information.

A new vegetarian cookbook from London's Yotam Ottolenghi that I'm adding to my wish list. Plus a recipe from the book.

Whole Foods is launching a Cooking Department - sounds like a great idea!

Is there an afterburn effect from a workout? According to some new research, intensity may be the key.

New research on food cravings. Not eating the foods you crave might help.

Just because the FDA isn't requiring calorie information for drinks on restaurant menus does not mean they're good for you.

Looking for some eco-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22? Here are some good to know top green myths, including some about organic food.

Local News:
A list of Detroit bloggers who write about restaurants and life in the city.
Has anyone tried these chocolates? I think this calls for an Ann Arbor field trip.

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