Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Links

Shrinking height of poor women reflects lack of food. And it's not just true in places like Africa.

My number one reason for wanting to go back to Barcelona? La Boqueria, one of the largest food markets in Europe. Ok, and maybe some more of that amazing jamon iberico.

How to chop an onion without crying. I might have to give this a try the next time I'm making French Onion soup.

Many Americans ill-informed about red wine and sea salt; how do you compare?

Want to improve your food photography - or find out how to start? This guide has some great, basic information.

Taste buds aren't the only reason we love some foods and hate others.

Local News:

It's time for the Metro Times Best of 2011! Stuck in a restaurant rut? Check out the list of best new restaurants, special dishes and new concepts in food, according to the MT staff. And if that's not enough ideas, check out the readers' choice picks.

Wondering how to eat local in metro Detroit? Hint: Eastern Market.

Forget sharing a cow - who wants to raise their own pigs? Well, on someone else's farm, of course. Contact J & M Farm for more details, or find them at the Eastern Market, shed 2.

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